Boetsch: I'll do whatever it takes to beat Hendo

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                                Boetsch: I'll do whatever it takes to beat Henderson

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                    <p>In the main event of UFC Fight Night 68, Tim Boetsch enters his most high profile fight and is ready to do whatever it takes to defeat Dan Henderson:</p>

"I think the biggest difference between me and Dan Henderson is that he's done everything in MMA that he wants to," he explained.

"He's had his opportunities and reached a level of greatness that few fighters ever will. For me, I'm just hungry to get there, myself. My time is  perfect, and I'm in the perfect spot. I've got great trainers and coaches, my family is lining up perfectly, everything in my life is going right.

"It is my time. I'm going to do whatever it takes."

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That was a refreshingly respectful answer showing all due respect to Hendo. I got Boetsch too but Hendo is an all-time favorite. Phone Post 3.0

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Not gonna take much at this point, boetsch almost took out a prime leites in his last fight till he thought nipple pinching was the was to defend the arm triangle. Phone Post 3.0

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