bombing suspect traned MMA

One of the Boston Marathon bombers trained at Wai Kru and now it seems they had a friend who traind there also. Tracked down and questioned in Fla. another suspect in the bombings was being questioned by FBI when he suddenly attacked them with a knife. He was shot dead. Apparently he was/they were involved in the bloody murder of 3 people in Waltham Massachusetts where, the fingers of 3 victims had been cut off and each was bound and gagged. Money and or marijuana was thrown all over the bodies.

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ya, many threads that they trained at Kru but for the Boston locals, the triple murder was gruesome and unsolved, so even though "you" knew all about it, others didn't. Even those across the sea in the UK probably hadn't heard about the connection between these guys and a triple murder, or about working as delivery guys at the local pizza parlor, Gerry's Kitchen. I was giving updated news to those who hadn't heard the local connection here in Boston. So, grow up.

both were sherdog members


a lot of people who like mma are sherdog members. were they actually active there though?