Bonton2's BJJ from Outer Space

The last couple of times Elliott Bayev (aka bonton2) created a thread talking about some of his new moves he was innundated with requests from people to email them video footage of it.

Because I like Elliott's material, and because he is a team-mate of mine (Marcus Soares) I am now hosting some of this footage. If you go to you can get some free downloads of Elliott demonstrating the "London Bridge" and the "Kneecracker", as well as him tearing it up in competition. You may have to download Quicktime to view them properly (link provided on the pages). We hope to be adding to this material soon.

That knee cracker is nice.

You mad scientists of Jiu Jitsu, you.

Thanks again Stephan. Much more on the way.


fantastic stuff. wish i can pull it off


believe me when I say that I don't say this often. But that kneecracker move is sweet and i've never seen it b4.

heh, I remember that.


ttting for shameless self promotion....

more on the way.




Some cool shit there.


We'll be adding some more stuff in the new year.



I think he trains with Stephan Kesting and Marcus Soares. The following can be found on the website

Elliott's BJJ Biography:

BJJ Purple Belt Under Marcus Soares

2004 Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational Winner

2004 NAGA World Championships - Gold Medal, Blue Belt

2004 NAGA World Championships - Silver Medal, Expert Division

2003 Copa Atlantica Jiu-Jitsu Championships - Silver Medal, Blue Belt

2003 Relson Gracie U.S. Nationals - Silver Medal, Blue Belt

Elliott trains at: and and is constantly working on developing new techniques and strategies to test in competition.

Contact for more information.

Ummm, Elliott is a teammate of mine, but lives about 3000 miles away. He trains with, and teaches for, Omar Salvosa and Mark Stables. We are all under Marcus Soares.