Booby Hoffman

Will he ever fight again? What's the story with him lately? anyone know?

TTT for Booby Hoffman!

I like Booby!

One thing I have to say about this thread though is the word Booby in the title and lack of pics. OP should have provided pics of said booby!


LOL at Booby!!!

 TTT for Boobies  (.)(.)

Bobby FTW!

"Bobby FTW"

Hey, we are talking about Boobies here! You take that gay stuff elsewhere!

lol...only if I could find the pic of him at Mainstream MMA a couple years ago in's a classic. TTT for someone with that picture!


Didn't he beat the shit out of his wife? Also didn't he get busted for crack? I don't remember. He was cool.

I always thought he was the most marketable american heavy weight