Booked my trip to Brazil today TME

Ok guys. I'll be in Brazil for one month and a day. I'll be in Porto Alegre for 3 weeks and Rio the rest of the time.

Nothing is guaranteed in life and I don't want to miss out in the Motherland of Bjj. Are there any Must Visit places that you have visited or trained at?

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I wouldn't go to Porto Alegre.

Go to Floripa.

My girlfriend lives there until February. Thats the main reason for my trip. I hope to spend my days training while she is busy. Phone Post 3.0

Have fun, and Brazil the minors put professional fighters in comas by beating them with 2x4s. Phone Post 3.0

If you bump into an English Northerner with a Mohawk, refer to him as "Dave". Phone Post 3.0

Enjoy man, Rio is awesome. I trained at De La Riva's when I was there and only have the best things to say about his school. Great guys. I think ConnectionRio did a video about places to train in Rio, check that out if you can.

Thanks fellas. Phone Post 3.0

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Go to De La Riva and have a fun roll with Maurinho!


You guys are gonna get me killed? Phone Post 3.0

I'll give u $50 if u triangle Maurinho.

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Question for those who traveled to Brazil to train. What belt are you and did you hold your own against similar rank? Phone Post

Went as brown and all was good. Rolling with the competition brown belts was a different story though. Same with rolling with the old gray belts ... that's just humbling.