Boxign blast

I havent seen it on any tapes before. Could one of the big 5 on here give us some more details.

Basically i understand its a series of running crosses. U need to be able to change levels quickly or you will quickly end up on your back (or worse your head). As far as i know u can do it off the first punch that lands, (usually a jab) and you just step with crosses.

I have used it in sparring alot, sometimes succesfully sometimes not, i've never been dropped trying it so i would say its fairly safe.

Could we get some more tips/descriptions/ideas on working it and setting it up?

Like you said, it often follows a jab. So Jab, cross, step and opposite hand cross, step to cross, etc. I usually teach it first by starting with the cross because it is easier to get. So cross, step with opposite hand cross, etc. (I find people sometimes understand the coordination if you think of it like cross-country skiing. Left foot forward, right hand forward, then right foot with left hand, etc.) Another nice set up is to step out and forward with the rear foot as you throw a jab. So for a regular lead, you throw your left jab while stepping diagonally forward with your right foot. This gets you out of the way of punches, makes the jab more of a cross, then charge right into the boxing blast. People often do the B blast on their heels which robs power. Another point is that if you take large steps you will throw slow punches. Since the punches are timed with the feet, you need to take short choppy steps to keep the feet in time with fast punches. As always, anytime you punch you have to be ready to sprawl. Aloha!

Thats one of the big 5!!!

Thanx alot Burton that was super informative!!

Thanks a lot Mr.Burton.
I have a question about the straight blast simple it looks more quickly vs. the boxing blast may be less powerful but should i ignore for street self defense.

I'm glad the info helped. We work it a lot, and I use it often in sparring. The traditional blast can be effective, no doubt, especially if you run toward the opponent. May also work well in close quarters where the guy can't back up. Power is the problem. The smaller you are the less likely that it will be effective for you when the other guy is very aggressive. I like the boxing blast because of the good defensive structure (chin down shoulders up) where the traditional blast leaves you very susceptible to big hooking punches. If you haven't noticed, street thugs usually throw big, powerful, hooking punches, even when getting hit. My advice is to try both in sparring and see what is more effective for you over time. (Just remember that sparring, as great as it is, is not the same feeling or environment as a street attack.) Aloha!

Excelent advice for the 2004.

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Hi All,

Just an observation. Change the horizontal fist cross for a vertical fist cross and this is how quite a few classical jujutsu ryu teach to strike.....

It constantly amazes me how I started off attacking using a boxing blast type structure and changed to a kickboxing structure and started beating people who knew only the classical structure. Recently started training some classical jujutsu I did years ago in an alive fashion against a kickboxing structure and have had great success.

This to me proves a couple of things.
First, its not what you train but how you train it that counts.

Second you need to experience every possible way of attack you can in order to not be surprised when someone uses it on you.

Third , What is old is new. Further to this, our ancestors were not dumb in their martial arts, there was a reason why they fought the way they did. Many arts I dismiss as rubbish are simply out of context in light of styles they have never before encountered. Many of them I now understand after making a study of old western fencing manuals. These manuals describe the concepts behind many techniques and delivery systems in Asian systems that an inefficient teaching system has hidden from me in the past.
Just a ramble,