Boxing and 'Self Defense'

"He jab the guy aiming for the CHIN...hit the guy in the neck...the guy dropped holding on to his throat. I thought he killed the guy. "

A friend of my former mma coach here in Texas got in a fight, hit a guy in the throat, broke his trachea, the guy choked to death, and now the friend is in prison for 10 years or something for manslaughter.

Some of these stories are great!

"Very much to my surprise he fell, but not back, more like he just dropped straight down. HE was making terrible noises, so i figured he was out and ran."

I don't know what made me laugh so hard about this, I guess just that he got punked so hard after acting like such an asshole.

BTW, Gray's Papaya rocks!

awareness, coordination, conditioning.

Someone once posted here a quote by Billy Conn to the effect "hitting guys in the street was like hitting 12-year old girls".

Come on NEDCMK1 tell the truth. You felt great when you put that guy in his place.