Boxing glove suggestions?

I need new gloves. I'm looking for 16 oz gloves with a fair amount of padding. Lately my middle knuckle on my right hand will hurt when I the mitts hard.

I was asking around and everyone says Reyes or Grant, but a few online reviews say that the padding on the knuckles can be "sparse." I am not a pro, I just box a few days a week in addition to my ground work. I just want to be able to punch without pain!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I did try a pair of the Title Gel gloves and had no pain when punching. I just worry about how they would hold up over time.


Make sure your hands are wrapped correctly.

 Do you have a knuckle injury or does it just hurt after you're hitting...pads? bags? sparring?  Are you using 16 oz gloves and wraps for your entire workout or are you using small gloves (or no gloves) for pad work, etc.?

I agree that the wraps and the age of the glvoes (like a bag, the padding redistributes over times) probably makes a bigger differenece than the brand of glvoes. 

Using 12 oz bag gloves (which is why I want/need to switch to 16 oz) and I have wrapped them different ways, as well as having others wrap them.

It only hurts when I hit something, otherwise there is no pain or soreness.

Just out of curiosity, what brands do you guys use?

 I use Everlast 16 oz gloves.  The only times my knuckles have hurt is either when I've worn gloves for too long and the padding wears or when I hit a heavy bag at the wrong angle that has "hard spots" (sand that settles in spots and hardens like concrete).

TITLE GEL World Bag Gloves 59.99 on sale right now, I use there GEL Sparing gloves and they are of extremely good quality,and very comfortable for the money.

Get a sponge and cut it to size to fit over your knuckles.  Put it on your knuckles then wrap your hands over top of it (go in between the fingers to keep it in place better).  Then try hitting with your normal gloves.  You may save yourself $$$.

I have the same problem with my middle knuckle on my right hand.  I usually do the sponge thing and then put two 180" mexican wraps on top.  I have the same gloves for a year and I use them five or six days per week.  I know they need to be replaced but I'm poor.  The sponge and 2x wraps have kept them usable for a while longer.


I like title training gloves. Their like $35 or so, hold up well, feel good, etc.

I'll second the Title training gloves. They're good gloves, and comparatively cheap.

Fairtex. Everlast are middle knuckles were always sore after using them. I finally bit the bullet and bought some Fairtex. Around $80 bucks but definitely worth it. Got them at MMAOverload a couple of months ago. Knuckles don't hurt anymore. Absolutely love them.