Boxing gyms in Washington, DC?

Hey all,

I'm looking for boxing gyms in Washington, DC, and I'd appreciate any suggestions. I've seen the gyms listed on, but the list is fairly sparse, and some of those gyms seem only to have programs for inner-city kids. I also thought DC would have more gyms. Finally, it's not very convenient, but I'm probably going to at least check out the Downtown Boxing Club, if anyone has any thoughts on that gym in particular.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Are you actually in the city or the suburbs? could you travel to the burbs?

Back in the day everyone used to train at Finley's.  It was ghetto as hell, but worth it. best pro boxing I ever saw. great old trainers there too.

Downtown boxing is ok. Doug is skilled, but has no love for MMA at all.

Sugar Ray Leonard's gym is also very good - exceptional amateur boxers there..

What are you looking for?

Thanks for the reply, BIC.

I'd prefer to train in the city, but I might be able to make it out to burbs if the gym was metro accessible.

I'm just looking to get a work out and improve my boxing. It wouldn't bother me if the gym didn't support MMA, or if it wasn't putting out top fighters.

 Then I would def go with Downtown. Doug knows boxing, he's a bit cranky old man, but it's good training.

Btw, BiC, do you train straight boxing anywhere in the DC area?

 I'm a level II USA Boxing coach, but I devote all my time these days teaching MMA.