Boxing headgear

Does it help to prevent boxing related injuries? I just bought the best I can find. I am most concerned with head related injuries. I can deal with a bloody nose..

Your opinions please...


As far as my experience goes, boxing headgear will only prevent surface blow type injuries and not the damage to the brain. For that reason we spar without headgear and keep the contact under control. As a matter of fact most clubs I have trained at lately have done away with headgear.


rvboy is correct. Headgear reduces external injuries but due to the increased weight of the head and surface area there is an increase in internal damage thought to occur.

There is quite a lot of data on the net around this subject. If you do have to get one Green Hill and Top ten make good AIBA approved headguards.

Any info on this data, it seems counterintuitive to me.

Ill have to agree with rvboy on this one, my gym has headguards but our coach often tells us to keep the contact under control and spar without them. Ive also seen many fighters messing around with them and trying to keep them on properly leaving themselves open for shots.

Only a complete fool would compete in boxing. The aim of the sport is to inflict brain injury on your opponent. Some foolish boxing apologists will tell you its not, but think about it. Suffering repeated blunt force trauma to the head will cause serious brain damage, helmet or not. If you value your brain, quit boxing and take up another sport.

I disagree, I have boxed a lot and have not recieved any damage. Oops, I peed myself again, what was the topic?



Josh 205,

You know what man.. Your a Pus*y...Why are you even on a martial arts web site. I was looking for opinions of how well heargear works and you reply that only a complete fool would participate in boxing.. Let me guess, what martial do you participate in?? Perhaps, Yoga or maby your a tough guy and do kick boxing with the rest of the girls at Gold's gym.

Howardo, is a medical professional and he has done boxing. I personally have participated in a variety of martial arts (Muay Thai, Tae-Kwon-do, Jiu Jitsu).

Dude, I have a real job and a real education. Let me guess, you work some shit job and are afraid to get your ass kicked.

And finally you can't be older than 15....

lol he's got a point hitme... there is a lot of brain damage floating around guys who've been fighting a while. I know, I've met a lot of em.

Jonwell, that maybe true but putting that kind of comment on an MMA website is surely just trolling

doing controlled sparring once a week is probably not a bad thing..

I disagree Cockney, we're associated with a sport where one can take steps to avoid repeated blows to the head if one wishes. Plus we have a lot of people here that just do submission or whatever, so, I think it's a perfectly decent statement.

Headgear pretty much is used to prevent cuts in sparring and not much else. I rarely wear it, especially if my sparring partner does. Not too likely to suffer a headbutt induced cut as long as one of us is wearing it.