Boxing in Austin TX

For those Cent-Tex area I will be starting a boxing classes in the morning and mid-morning at KO sports gym in Austin Tx.

Thanks. Sledge

for more info visit

Three to four days a week, on diffrent days jan 04' start date


Yes, If that date falls on my day off You know how my job works. once every three weeks I won't be there but, on those days you need to get your roadwork in!

call me @775-3147


Long time no see.

You going to do some Saturdays, too? Some of us work for a living...

I've taken Nov and Dec off because I've been traveling all over this frickin' state. Starting back Jan 1.

PS put your foot in Rodney's ass so he'll update the website.


I have already been putting so far I have to drag him around w/ me. I will be there some sat. but mostly during the week. This is my deal so will be on top of it. MY goal is to get some people for Golden gloves around March/April so come to trn if you want to compete.



The Boxing classes start on tues the 5th. 9-11am and 11-1pm. This week the classes will be;tues,weds,fri and this sat if people request it.