Boxing in Paris?

Anyone know of good Boxing in Paris? Or even Savate or Thai, but mostly interested on gettinb better in my boxing?

Any and all help is appreciated,


The last time I was in Paris, I had a few privates with Frédéric at La Salle, rue de la Félicité in the 17e. I was not looking to train in any purposeful way or prepare for competition, just wanted a good "white collar" type workout. I did a lot of good exercises and hit pads and the heavy bag. He and I put on the gloves and "moved around" but didn't actually spar. Worked out well for me but I don't know how it would be if you were looking more something more serious. Let me know if you want more details.

There is also a club called "Aldo Boxing Club" in the 16e (metro: Ranelagh). It looks good (they have a website) but appears to be the kind of setup where you have to join and pay dues and get a license-- i.e., probably wouldn't work if you just want to drop in for a few sessions. This kind of long-term setup is common in France. (Frédéric's system, more casual and American-style, is unsual.)

In fact, Aldo Boxing Club requires that you get a license (37 euros and a doctor's signature) even if all you want to do is train and maybe put on the gloves a time or two with another guy in the club. Some videos of their sparring sessions are on youtube if you're interested. It looks plenty serious to me but you may not agree so take a look.

Who would expect anybody else but the Orchid Man himself to answer such a question?

Yeah, I felt like my screen name made it pretty much impossible for me to avoid stepping up to the plate for this one.

Thanks Orchid,

I appreciate it! Those are two of the clubs that I looked at. I think LaSalle will be the place, and I'll look up Frédéric. I do bjj here, and so the longterm dues system, and doctor's certificates, I've become quite accustomed to. Basically, I was looking for either boxing or judo to supplement my bjj training (I really like both), and found a Judo club close to home that has adults. So...I think I'll go there regularly, and look up Frédéric at LaSalle, for a bit of boxing on the side.

Thanks again for the info, and if you're ever back in Paris, drop a line....


You're welcome. Let me know how it works out.

P.S. Frédéric is a very nice guy and seems to know what he's doing. Just give him a call and he'll surely accommodate you. If you decide you do want to spar, he would probably be willing to put on the gloves with you (or, if not, make arrangements to set you up with someone appropriate).