Boxing Ring Question...

Hey Guys,

Anyone have experience putting up and tearing down Boxing rings?

I'm looking for information on building a ring, but being able to transport/travel and put it up fairly quickly. I'm not looking for a MAGIC/Quick thing, but something where a team of 2-4 guys can tear it down and put it up fairly easily.

Any info would be appreciated. You can also e-mail me at


Joe Ferraro


Joe I know the exact guy to talk to. His name is
Richard Lewis and if you call or email Chris Tiller
at his/loaf's club and ask to speak to Richard, I'm
sure he would have all the answers you're looking for.
Come to think of it, Chris himself would probably



Rickson by armbar

ttt for snap together rings!

Thanks bro...I'll look into it a.s.a.p.