Boxing vs MMA

After watching the klitschko/ Haye fight, you have to say MMA/UFC leads the way with the fights at 132. Phone Post


Is that why you replied to it. Phone Post

UltraMagnus - This debate is for insecure fans....
Remarkably well said. I actually voted your ass up (which was painful, but earned).

depends on the fight

there has been plenty of good boxing fights this year.

the hw's arent a good judge of that.

watch the WW's or super WW's mw's. so on..

How about we get into a pong where we can have competitive martial arts contests for fighters in different disciplines and get paid for u. Like a pro wrestling judo karate hapkido jiujitsu leagues Phone Post

comparing boxing and mma is like comparing golf and baseball

in golf and baseball, you play outside and you swing your arms to hit a ball, the similarities end there.

in boxing and mma, it takes place in a ring/cage and you throw punches, the similarities end there.

two different sports, no use wasting valuable energy saying one is better than the other, they both have their own unique traits that make people enjoy them.

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UltraMagnus - WTF are talking about lil kid?

I am 60 years old and have done time in the joint and you're calling me a little kid? Are you 11 or not? And you called me a bitch boy when we had our disagreement. Are you really 11? How old are you?

That explains over 1000 posts in a week and a half. Those social security and disability checks must be fat to have that much spare time.

The point I was trying to get across was, mma is a lot more entertaining than boxing at the moment. Phone Post

UltraMagnus - This debate is for insecure fans....

This. Phone Post

crazydave - Hi KKM.

UltraMagnus - This debate is for insecure fans....

He's right. Both are great sports, and if you need to create a competition between the two than you are kind of fucked. Even more so if you are basing your boxing side of the debate on any heavyweight matches in the past 10 years.

Enjoy combat sports you stupid bastards.