Boxing Weight Classes

Can someone please explain to me why weight classes are so closely together in the smaller weights, but very distant above 190? I had a promoter once tell me that being that I was close to the 200# mark, that I "could fight anyone over 200#'s since we are all about the same size"......He was gonna match me against a kid that was like 235?...

I don't understand why the smaller weights are so scrutinized by pounds, but because you are a little bigger, they automatically think you can fight a dude 30-40 pounds bigger.

I started out my boxing career at 156, and I can tell you that any weight class near this weight was basically about the same power level. I could really not see an appreciable difference between say a welterweights punch, and a middle's punch. BUT, let me tell you that there is a HUGE difference between a 200 pound punch, and a 240 pound punch!!!..

Someone please explain this.

there are so many because that way there can be more champs at the lower weights. I have no idea why they thin out at HW

I don't think there's much difference between most of the weight-classes either. Adding all these weight-classes was done to collect more sanctioning fees and give away more championship belts and mandatories to boxers that can't fight, thereby lining the promoters' pockets. No one could convince me there is a difference between a strawweight and a junior-flyweight. Or a junior-fly and flyweight, or a fly-weight and super-fly, and so forth. The only non-original 8 weight-classes I would keep are cruiser, and super-middle (middle to light-heavyweight's too big a jump for today's fighters...the only middle that really carried his one-punch power was Hearns). 154 needs to go, as does 130 and especially super-bantam and the aforementioned lower classes. I'd keep 140 around only because that division is stacked!

I think 8 weight classes are a gracious plenty. IF anything, we need a Super HW

When you only weigh 100lbs, someone who is 105 is a whole 5% bigger than you. The pounds just mean a lot more the lighter you are. Also there aren't as many people who are over 190lbs, so the classes have to be bigger to allow more people in to keep it competitive.

In wrestling there are a lot more weights in the middle divisions, simply because there are more people naturally clustered around those weights, so you have to break them up so you don't have 25 people in each middle weight class tournament bracket but only 5 people in the heavier and lighter brackets.

I think there would be a hell of alot more guys over 190lbs than there would be a straw weight!

yeah i think weight matters a lot more with smaller guys. for example kid yamamoto is freaky good at 145 but everyone is petty much agreed he'd get murdered at 155.

with heavier guys they are so strong i personally dont see a difference of 10-15lbs being too great.