Brad Tavares "I feel bad for Baroni"

There can be only one!! Tavares is looking good with each fight, I hope the kid does well.

Baroni should of been a pro wrestler. He could of been the third man of "American Males" with Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs. I think he made the wrong career

lol, i could totally see him being a tag team with buff bagwell.

Baroni would kill Buff within 72 hours

and he has better calves - lol

are you checking his calves out?

Fake Rassler - and he has better calves - lol


 Tavares is a nice kid.

 Baroni would make a great heel and he is an amazing athlete. He can't work the mic or cut a live promo. If you can't sell your character you will have a hard time being sucessful fighting for the WWE. I think he would be better than Tank or Ken but as much as I love Phil, he's no Razor Ramon.