Brasilieros Black Belt Champs 2011 - Big Mick wins

From Graciemag/twitter:

Worth noting (albeit because of a double DQ), iirc Big Mick is only the second ever non Brazilian Gold Medallist at  black belt/adult at the Brasilieros since records began (Lovato won super pesado in 2007).

Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) beat Felipe Costa by 23 to 0

Light featherweight: Ary Farias (Atos) beats Gabriel Moraes (Pina) by 2 to 0

Featherweight: Bruno Frazatto defeated Leonardo Cascão 4-2

Lightweight: Leandro Pereira (Cícero Costha) defeated Michael Langhi (Alliance) by an advantage

Middleweight: Daniel Garcia (Nova União) defeated Augusto Tio Chico

Medium heavyweight: Serginho Moraes beat Nivaldo Oliveira 2-0

Heavyweight: Antônio Cara de Sapato and Paulo Tarcísio close out with Cara taking the Gold.

Superheavyweight: Ricardo Evangelista beat Antônio Peinado by refs decision.

Ultraheavyweight: Michael Wilson (Peter deBeen) is the champion after semifinalists Big Mac and Bruno Mathias were disqualified for stalling.

Absolute: Moraes and Nogueira close out with Nogueira taking the gold.

actually i';ve just found this, so looks like won his semi, made the final and then both guys in the other semi were dq'd.

Ultraheavyweight Michael Wilson (Peter deBeen) took gold after beating Mario Neto (Nova União) in the semifinals. At the other end of the bracket, Luiz Big Mac and Bruno Mathias were disqualified for stalling, so those two took bronze