BRAWL Book review (?)

I was in Barnes & Noble this morning to flip through a copy of Grappling magazine. When I was leaving (ok, being dragged away by a very bored female), I saw this new book, BRAWL. It's paperback and appears to be a history (?) of the UFC. From my quick glance, it looked somewhat text-heavy with a few pictures scattered throughout.

Anyone read this book or hear of it? Is it worth reading on my next trip to B&N?

It's not as good as NHB: Evolution, or No Holds Barred (the revised edition of the former book), and it has some inaccuracies, but it does contain some interesting stuff which was new to me.

Thanks, IBI!

I'll look for the other books. If I'm lucky. the stores will have them!

Brawl is OK, but had a bit of incorrect information. The other book is much better.

But, it's easier to obtain Brawl as it's available in bookstores.