Break NAA's Jaw Thread!!!

For everyone who wants to see this moron get his jaw broken....ALL ABOARD!!!!!
Maybe if we can get enough offers of people willing to knock him out again he will actually show up to an event and as expected get KO'D!!!

what weight does he fight at? I'll box him at 185.

I'm in law enforcement also. We might as well keep up the Cop vs. internet fued thing going

I would like to see it happen!

I would be happy be give people a shot but it's a dangerous thing to try to do! Anyway's show the money and send the contractand im there! I could fight next week. kimbo vs gannon style

Kid Justice, via brutal KO.

Gary Hughes


he's 100% all talk. believe that.

KidJustice, are you DPD or in one of the burbs?

Fiatlux, I'm actually a Fed,

I have no disrespect for you Ron and I have never talked shit about you. I actually think that you would be a good fight for me. I respect the fact that you have fought in many boxing matches and that your not afraid to brawl it out in the ring.

I think our styles would make for an exciting match as I'm a straight forward brawler myself. I'm willing to do this at 185.

la la la

You are such an idiot!!!! You don't deserve or need a contract because you are not a pro fighter!! Just show, get KO'd get your gas money and go back home to your keyboard and post some more incoherent messages about how you were kicking the guy's ass until he KO'd you!!! If you were serious about fighting you would just show. You are not going to get a contract to fight on any show because you are a loser. Fuck I've seen real pro fighters show up to events without contracts or even having agreed on the money. You are a nobody. A loser with a big mouth and a whole lot of cobwebs in that head of yours from getting knocked out. Just show and fight you pussy.


I agree w/Skipper 77! BTW NAA = Manny Reyes' Loud Mouth Twin!


He says show him a contact or money and it will happen, but he will not answer an email you send him when you try to do it.

He does all this for attention! His parents must have not been around much when he was a kid.

As a fellow Michigander I would love to stomp his ass just for making us look like a bunch of gutless shit talkers,but I'm 225 and can't get down to 170 or 185.

OH by the way Best thread ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed this... why do we hate NAA

Uncle justice that is why I moved to the south plenty o' sunshine down here.