breathing and boxing

Scott i need some help, yet again :P

I noticed when i was doing rounds 2 days ago at boxing that I was fast and explosive for most of the round, but then i became concious of my breath and exhaled all the air and i felt drained and found it hard to be explosive....its like i was holding some breath and just dog breathing (shallow) and as soon as i filled my belly and exhaled i lost my energy?

Is this common? Is there any breathing drills i can do that can help me with boxing (as you've already helped me IMMENSLEY with my wrestling and cardio in that concern). I still do the breathing drills on the grapplers toolbox's and the initial zdroyve tape.

thanx as always


Liam, focus on Explosive Exhalation exercises PRIOR to competition (sparring). Focus on tactical performance while competing. If you think about breathing during the event, you're short-circuiting your performance cycle.

So shallow ones?
I remmember you mentioning hitting a bag whilst holding your breath etc?

Liam, I never mentioned holding the breath. I wrote exhaling and on the Control Pause (before inhalation) maximizing the duration prior to inhale while hitting the bag. Light exhalations AFTER doing so are actually diaphragmatic and more optimal for boxing.

AusWilliam is correct.

Ahh thats right, my bad sifu :)

If you ever call me that again, I'll fly out there just to stone you with month old 'roo doo.