Breathing whilst training...NB

Coach Scott "flubberman" Sonnon :)

i have a Q for you, I am a bit lost, i have been doing alot of interval training lately and boxing on top of my regular grappling, i have not smoked in a long time as well. My bodies lactic acid tolerance is very good and i do not get the burn at all most of the time in my activities. I have some big competitions (boxing, BJJ, MMA) comming this is vital to me to correct this.

The weak link is my lungs. I cannot find a strong rythm, i feel very "gassed" very quickly and my lungs feel very heavy after excercise. I still use the Dog breathing i learnt prior to excercise, but am lost ont he specifics. Its funny how breath is the link that i am missing. When i box hard, my body feels great yet i gasp for breath very often...not sure why.

I am asthmatic but i havent had an attack in years.

I have your first breathing tape and alot of the new terminology is beyond me.

Plz help an old stranded comrad

Liam :)


Include the Frolov Protocol in your Training regimine:

Determine your Resting Heart Rate. Exercise for 30 minutes. Rest 5 minutes. Determine your Active Heart Rate.

This must be done before including the Frolov Protocol in your training.

Abbreviate this protocol into every other day - presumably staggered with your strength conditioning.

30 second hill sprint

Explosive exhalations (non-stop) until you recover your Active HR, while walking back to starting blocks. As soon as you achieve AHR, begin next sprint.

Repeat 10X.

Add a weight vest.

Perform 10X

Remove weight vest.

Perform 10X

The above can also substitute explosive exhalations with the Frolov Breathing Device (

Do this for 8 weeks and let me know the results.

Coach Sonnon

I believe I'll give that a try as well, I have the same problem as Lemon.

Just to qualify, the "frolov" breathing would be on my first tape set? Or GTB 1.2 etc? or is it on another?

ALso how do i breath AS i excercise? or will this cover it.

THanx as always Coach.

Liam, which tapes do you own?

If you're sprinting, you should be minimizing your breathing... anaerobic. However, you'll be in extreme aerobic debt subsequent, and as a result, the goal of using explosive diaphragmatic exhalations to focus on reducing HR.

I own GTB the whole series, the first breathing tape you released, the throwing series and the shock absorbtion series. Also the seminar the General put on.

During boxing ?

I believe that I example the forceful exhalations on GTB 1.2, check to make certain.

Work the Frolov protocol for 8 weeks, and you'll see significant improvements in your cardio-endurance.

I'm still lost as to what Frolov is
sorry bro

Frolov is only the name of the protocol, not a type of breathing. Dr. Frolov created a breathing device located at

Frolov Protocol: 30 SEC supramaximal (sprint) / Recover to Active HR, begin next repetition

ahh k
thanx alot
will get on it right away.

"If you're sprinting, you should be minimizing your
breathing... anaerobic."

So for sprinting Scott, do you recommend long
continuous breathing? The reason I ask is
because I thought I read in one of your posts that if
one is executing a volley of several different
movements, a continuous exhalation is best. I've
always been curious about the ROSS approach to
respiration while sprinting....initially I thought it
would be like the Prav breathing.

Also, do you perform any hypoxic training...sprinting
or swimming while holding the breath? It would
almost seem a natural extention of the breath
retention exercises.



Scott posted like a ninja today...struck without
warning and disappeared....

Brian, sprinting - panting intercostal exhalations.

Methods utilized consider different phases of conditioning: re-conditioning, counter-conditioning, conditioning, maintenance conditioning and refined conditioning. I include hypoxic respiration as one method in an arsenal, appropriate to certain phases and not others.

It seems lately that everyone in the "industry" has a pet method that they espouse, and the rest they dismiss or detract. Many of these individuals concerns themselves with promoting their method for personal gain or for personal cause or both. In my opinion, they are all wrong if they endorse one way above others, for it remains totally relative to the individual - goals, objectives, possibilities and potential.

Sorry for the delays in response. I'm currently swamped with projects and seminars relating to the recent success of the Clubbells.

Coach Sonnon

Cool...I figured you would take a
program/season-specific approach. Glad the
Clubbell project is going so well.