Brendan Schaub would WIN the Strike Force Tourney

 just sayin.....

Nope kinda sayin Phone Post

JT42382 -  just sayin.....



Cormier would beat Schaub


 Um, no.

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OP is a funny dude

I think Schaub will betop ten somewhere in the future. He can fight top 20 guys in the UFC, he doesnt need to be in this tournament to do that. Schaub will be succesful by the UFC slowly giving him better competition everytime and letting him develop.
He would not win this tournament, but he doesn't necassarily lose in the first round either.

He would take it if he were the only fighter in the tourney. Phone Post

Whats with the Cormier love, he outstrikes a guy thats known for having no striking and didnt have him in any real danger of losing the whole fight.

Sergei would eat him for breakfast and still be hungry. 

Monson would rape. 

Reem would hurt him forever.

Barnett would wrestlefuck.

Fedor would end him.

Werdum would get in that ass.

Big Foot would rape rape.

Rogers might even KO him, clean.

You really this bored OP? Weak troll job is weak.

supersaiyan - OP is a funny dude


 obvious troll is obvious =)

CLINTK9 - Arlovski is the only guy Schaub would beat. And thats only due to his glass chin.

Schaub has a granite chin by comparison? Not so sure he beats AA, even at this point in AA's life.

JT42382 -  obvious troll is obvious =)

lol no plm man u cool with me bro... i just dont see schuab getting far in this tourney...i think brendan vs any of the guys that have lost wouldve actually been interesting ...

seeing as far as who is left in the tourney i dont see schaub coming out alive as the best of the tourney are left \ :)

Schaub would only fight Arlovski from the HW GP, nobody else, as HW only calls out legends past their prime to get a win off there name. Phone Post