Brewster's millions

I remember seeing this guy against Clifford Ettienne in a losing but game effort and thinking fairly highly of him. He's a small heavyweight with limited skills but with the division in the state it is in (It makes me gag to look at the heavyweight rankings right now), and his tremendous heart, he could make for a tough fight for almost anyone.

Vitali will probably feel compelled to fight him, but why? His job is to fight the best contenders and make for the best fights. I would much rather see him (considering he beats Sanders) against Golota if Golota can win.

That said, who would you like to see Brewster against?

i think he will lose next time he fights, which i see being the winner of vitali/sanders.

he had a man in front of him who wasn't conditioned and he had the heart of a lion tonight. he caught wladimir while wlad descends from the top echelon of the heavyweight division and brewster had everything to win and nothing to lose. he was supposed to lose, being an 11-1 underdog can make a person think that. he was supposed to lose and wladimir was supposed to walk right through him. both went in with that thinking and we see who won. the extra edge besides having nothing to lose and everything to gain for brewster was the memory of his trainer.

i see a heavyweight champion being crowned by the end of the year or beginning of 2005. the winners of byrd/golata and ruiz/oquendo will fight to crown a IBF/WBA champion and brewster will fight the winner of vitali/sanders. the winners of those 2 fights will fight for all 4 titles to claim an undisputed championship

If Vitaly beats Sanders, the whole revenge angle is right there. Plus it would be for the linear HWT title.

Brewster vs Juan Carlos Gomez.

Brewster either has a helluva chin or Wlad can't punch. I think it's pretty safe to say he's got a good set of whiskers.

Klitschko fans like Gator are weak.

Brewster has a good chin.

They dont unify titles very much anymore, making it doubtful we'll see Brewster vs Vitali

right now 140, 147, 154, 160 are all undisputed more or less, 126 looks to be on its way and don king is looking to crown an undisputed cruiserweight champion. and even last year the light heavyweight division was undisputed for the most part

Vitaly may request the Brewster fight to avenge his brother's loss. Good for the box office.

Brewster does deserve a big fight because he did knock off the guy that many people regarded as one of the best HW's, but really, he's not that good. He was being completely dominated until the end. If Wlad had any chin he would have KO'd him.

"Brewster sucks. Period. No matter how you spin it, he blows."

So that must make Wladimir the biggest bum on the planet.