Brian Dawkins (Philly) trains?

This may be old news for some but I didn't know this one:

Safety Brian Dawkins has many victims on his hit list over his career, including Michael Vick and WR Ike Hilliard Eagles free safety Brian Dawkins is built like a boxer, has the same quickness and packs a similar punch.

Dawkins trains during the offseason with "No Holds Barred" ultimate fighting champion Tim Catalfo. That training has enhanced Dawkins' fierce competitiveness and added to his speed and strength, allowing him to be the hardest hitter in the league.

Anyone know any other NFL players that train?

He was on the news last year crediting his mixed martial arts training for his ability to stay in peak physical conditioning during the offseason. Dawkins is a monster, he'd be one intense fighter if he ever stepped in the cage.

TTT for Wolverine

He suplexed a redskins player in the last couple years. The redskins player tried to spin around him and Dawkins grab from behind and fully arched and slapped. Someone has posted animated gif of the tackle on here before.

wicked cool.... I never saw that suplex either, damn

I'm pretty sure he tried it again when they played just recently and Coles got upset.

Obake was training him to increase explosive power and speed
incorporating some mma drills but he wasnt really training mma.
Obake was also training Donovan Darius the free safety for the Jags.

Wow, that was fucking sweet, nice gif!

David Akers, the kicker for the Iggles (Eagles for you non-Philly folk), trains BJJ.

Jay Glazer who is a CBS sideline reporter (actually I think he is more then that but I am not 100% sure of his title) trains with Obake and has fought in two of our Reality Fighting events. The first time he fought a bunch of NY Giants came as did Boomer Esiason, it was pretty cool (Tiki Barber is a nice guy)....Joe

Dawkplex beotchs

He gets it off quite often.


David Akers is a BJJ purple belt under Pedro Sauer I believe.

"Obake was also training Donovan Darius the free safety for the Jags."

You saw the result of that last week.....

Holy shit that was a nice suplex, almost like K. Randlemans suplex. He suplexed the guy with full equipment on. strong muthaf'r

Yeah Obake caught a little heat for that, but the clothes line is not one
of his techniques.