Brian Ebersole

Is it just me or are the guys he fights getting worst? He's winning he should be getting more well known fighters Phone Post

He took the fight on short notice. Phone Post

He is moving down to light weight... he just took this fight for the hell of it.

His cartwheel kick was brutal too Phone Post

Ebersol is down 2 rounds. Phone Post

Yea, I love watching him fight, but he most definitely needs bigger fights.

OverloadMMA - Ebersol is down 2 rounds. Phone Post

I think he might get round 2 very close tho Phone Post

How could you not love this guy?
Phone Post

Ya Head has totally got this. Disappointed in Ebersole, really liked his style Phone Post

Pathetic take down attempts


I was disappointed he looked like he did not look like he wanted to fight Phone Post

He seems like he couldn't care less about this fight

ebersole couldn't get him down. he just told joe rogan he is going down to 155 because "these guys are too big" lol

I had Ebersole as a potential future top 5 WW in the mix. But not after that Phone Post

Ebersole smashed Hallman, Waldberger and Lytle, and he beat Claude Patrick. All significantly better than Head. Something was up. Phone Post