Bring Werdum to UFC!

And he will hold the title for years. Zuffa, please make this happen.

I don't know about that,but I must say UFC 70 is shaping up to be a phenomal card

Werdum vs Arlovski

Gonzaga vs Crocop

Griffin vs Machida

Ausserio vs Kongo

Bisping vs Sinosic

Ortiz vs TBA

Not to shabby

Crocop would smash Werdum.

i understand they had a falling out and werdum left team crocop?

I was just going to comment that they wouldn't fight because they train together, but I didn't know they had a falling out.

Werdum stop training with Cro Cop last year b/c of the OWGP they where both in it and might had to fight each other so they stop training atthat point.

Bring ______________ to UFC! (part XXXXIIIVVVVIIIXXX).

lol @ rufus digging this up.