Bringing car cross-border ?

Have any Canucks tried buying a car in the US and brought it back up ? I wanna buy one of them Scion TCs but not sure if it's worth the hassle.. thanks in advance


Never thought of this...with the Dollar on fire, are US car prices now cheaper than Canadian prices?


My trucks go to the states after I'm done with them...

The way this dollar is shooting up I may not be able to do it much longer...

Shouldn't the taxes be the normal taxes we pay ? And we should get a rebate on the US taxes (not sure). I know we have to certify US cars b/c they don't meet Canada standards. I really want this car though, they don't sell them here yet

what happens is this:

you buy the car, and then drive up to the border. when you declare it, customs will inspect it for general safety and then they look up the price in a little book that they call the "red book". this book is produced yearly and gives the approximate value of the car, as per canadian insurers. based on this price, they will then charge any applicable duties and taxes.


if you can produce a valid receipt of the transaction, they will just convert the price to Canadian $ and then charge the applicable taxes.

regardless of which option you chose, you will have to fill out an RIV form (Registration of Imported Vehicle), in order to eventually have it plated in Canada, and depending on the province, you may have to have an emmissions test done. there are all sorts of little loopholes on importing the car, depending on things like age, make, etc, etc.

but that's the overall gist of it.


you have to let the border know 72 hours before you bring the car into canada.

I'm not too sure of the 72 hour notice. My parents just returned with a Jeep from Florida and never notified the CBSA.

Link to CBSA importing a motor vehicle page

thanks guys.

The RIV told me the Scion Tc is inadmissable to Canada !

Why is it inadmissable?

That sucks...

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