Brink vs Wiuff - May 1st MN

Ultimate Combat Sports Battle at the Barn II
Saturday May 1st, Rochester MN

Last March UCS introduced real Mixed Martial Arts to southern Minnesota.

The results blew the roof off the place. Our first visit to Rochester we could not get any sponsors, the city fathers didn't want us to hold the event. No one thought it would work. Well, we out drew Tough Man, had a full night of great fights and folks are now lining up to get involved.

We promised we would come back bigger and Better and boy we were not kidding.

On the card will be local favorites taking on other top local fighters. We have a continuation of the Lohman vs Deno wars that erupted on the last show. We have Dan Casey who in March fought 4 fights in 6 days to win two titles. W e will have 12 fights in all.

Also Kelly Kobold will be making her Rochester Debut. I'm waiting on a contract from her opponent – but it should be a good one.

And of course the big news:

Aaron Brink – star of cage and screen will be taking on Travis "the Diesel" Wiuff. I believe the writing in on the wall with Travis; he is going back to the UFC. I do not think there is a heavyweight in the UFC right now that Wiuff can not beat. Arlovski and Tim are the only two who could give him problems. Wiuff really just has one thing to prove – that he can stand with a world class striker.
Enter Aaron Brink. Brink another too often ignored fighter who is crawling his way back to the top. Aaron says he is in top shape and took this fight with Gusto. These are two great fighters on their way back to the top... problem right now they are in each others way.

May 1st – Rochester Minnesota – Travis Wiuff's home town – UCS will rock

LOL @ "star of cage and screen", and LMMFAO at "World Class Striker," Aaron Brink. Wiuff by train wreck.

TTT for Brink



Too bad they choose Brink instead of Tom Erikson who agreed to work within their budget.....

Too bad they choose Brink instead of Tom Erikson who agreed to work within their budget

Maybe other more darker forces are at work here, Mr. Novak it all

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Wow...make sure Brink is tested

"Wow...make sure Brink is tested"...Tested for what???

Travis, Brink is an adult film star now. Hes banging chicks left and right these days. I'm guessing Judo is hinting about catching something from one of them ho's (HIV ect).

Yeah, Brink needs this fight to pay the bills. I mean, with the porn industry shut down right now Brink ain't got no income. lol.

ttt for Diesel!!

brink hits harder than Travis. brink hits harder than lots of people.


I've saw Travis against Vladdy two years ago and then say him get KO'd by Kauai Kupihea last March. Looks like he's on a big winning streak since then. Hard to believe he's already better than Arlovski and Tim Sylvia and would beat all the other HW's. He looked like he had a lot of potential. Is he really at Alrovski's level now? That's saying a lot. In any event, good luck to Travis in his career.

ttt for brink, travis might be tough,but brink hits like a train wreck.....should be a great fight

"I'm guessing Judo is hinting about catching something from one of them ho's (HIV ect)."

I actually created a thread titled "what will Brink do now" that went nowhere. But Some Porn dude tested positive for HIV and they have stoped shooting videos for 2 months to see how many other people might have the Aids.

Good luck to u Travis.