British combat association

Was thinking to going on one of their seminars later this year. Any of you had any experience with this association ?
Good/ bad ?? Phone Post

Lot of good people in it.

Have you been to any of their stuff ? Phone Post

^ No. (I live in the U.S.)

Hey Shen , I read a lot of your posts and enjoyed them. Having come from a Boxing and judo background I'm interested in your opinion on BJJ for real street combat? I've have just started BJJ and did really enjoy the first class. Phone Post


All things being equal, I'd say BJJ is approximately as useful as Boxing or Judo, in terms of self-defense. Obviously, it also depends on the focus of your particular club, your skill level with it.

All three arts are great at what they do, but they are all also somewhat narrow in scope.

None have all that much to offer for dealing with weapons, verbal skills etc.

But, I train & teach BJJ. I love it. It's not the be all and end all for personal safety, but it certainly is very worthwhile.

--And it's FUN! Which is why so many people stick with it and get good at it.

Good answer . Thanks I carry on with the BJJ and see how it goes. Phone Post

 I live in the US but know them, or did back in the day... the british combat association was started by geoff thompson and peter constadine... when lito angeles did that top 20 street fighters in black belt mag, nearly half of them were in the BCA back in the day (he later said hed add mick coup to the top 20, who was also in it back then)... there were jkd guys involved but it wasnt specifically jkd if thats your interest but very cross training based

geoff was at the forefront of the reality based movement in the uk in the 90s... it kind of predated mma and really guys were cross training striking and grappling arts for the street.. a couple of geoffs guys were in the first big Vale Tudo show in the UK, night of the samurai...

consterdine was ex- sas and a karate guy who has done a lot of bodyguarding

the BCA was set up and a number of liek minded guys were in it... it was heavily influenced by bouncing at the time, as a lot of those guys were having confrontations a plenty...but some of teh tactics like the fence to the chest were much more orientated to that environment... other notable guys were John Skillen and Mick Coup... Rick Young was involved.. I dont think the association is quite the same now, but I think basically the seminars are probably thompson and constadine, so will cover some applicable street stuff, and applying you art through pre- fight talk, fence and line up... they were big on the double hip

I moved to the US quite a few years ago, but the guy I went to when i was moving to work in the US penal system was Mick Coup..  Id assumed it was much tougher than the prisons in the UK and wanted to be able to deal with 'monsters'... LAPD swat and california highway patrol were bringing mick in to teach, he has a great system but doesnt advertise himself much

Steve morris is the most advanced combat trainer ive come across anywhere in the world but his teaching can be a bit high level



Cheers , yeah this is what I was going to go too. I have another shoulder operation next week so not sure I'll be healed enough. I will look out for the next one! Phone Post

 when your better check out a mick coup seminar... worth it if you are interested in the street side