Brock a great guy..

I was at the fight tonite, in the press tent. We were all waiting for brock to get there so we could as him some post fight questions. In the tent was a translator and members of the japanese press. Several American Internet sites were there as well, as soon as brock sat down a K1 Official stated this was only for the live feeds and not for the internet. Basically kicking us out, well this did not sit well with Brock at all. He told the Official that if the press from the internet sites could not stay then there will not be any interviews. I thought wow what a kool thing to do for us...

good for him the k1 officials are pricks and pushy as hell

Brock:defender of the UG

Brock is a long time poster here and on Sherdog. He probably ran to his hotel room to loggin and see what we thought.

I'm no longer a student.

Brock = UG lurker