Brock is not hurt w/source


 Kim Couture rang about another crazy rumor that was going around. Someone, doing his best Lorenzo Fertitta impersonation, called the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas. People inside Xtreme Couture scrambled when the fake Fertitta claimed Lesnar was injured, and the Nov. 15 fight was off. The rumor, however, was quickly quashed after confirming Lesnar, all 280 pounds of him, was fine.

Nothin' like a little MMA amusement.



rumor has it the voice on the phone had a deep southern accent and an amarillo area code

So he still gets to get beat?


Too bad tho, I wanted Randy/Noguira anyway b4 Randy is in the retirement home.

 LOL @ GB losing crediblity.  What's even funnier isthat kkm is saying it. 

 Why would he lose credibility for a RUMOR not being true.  He's been right enough times to know that he's not just pulling stuff out of his ass.