Brock Larson exposed "downed opponent" rules

First, yes I am a lil biased and I always cheer for Larson since hes a Minnesota boy.

The first point deduction was an iffy. Yes it was clear that he was down, but its almost like Anderson's DQ loss agaisnt Okami, he was the guy on the BOTTOM! Should that really be a point reduction?

The 2nd one was bullcrap. There is no difference between 3 point football stance and just your two feet on the ground, shouldn't be illegal to knee a guy in that position. There is no way that is any less safe. Maybe if his two KNEES and a hand were touching, thats a bit different.

Yes, Foster still looked great and whipped his a$s in the 2nd round. But I really think the whole 3 point stance rule changed the fight, Brock could have finished fromm that poisition, his grip is riduculous and i'm positive he woulda kept controlling Foster in that position.

N e ways, just wanted to vent that. The Prelims were GREAT as for as entertainment goes.

BlahBreh - IMO they both were BS. who pushkicks someone when they are both on the ground scrambling to get up.. not Smart

Everyone pushkicks on the ground to create distance, most of the time its to the legs cuz the guy is standing though.

I agree about the second point deduction but the first is a judment call. Obviously the kick was illegal. That combined with the fact that Fostor claimed he couldn't see out of the eye meant that the illegal blow would affect the rest of the fight so the point deduction is justified.

^yep, i think however that those strikes shouldnt be illegal, but they are

Larson is an idiot. I was glad he got his face rearranged in the 2nd.