Brock Lesnar Appreciation Thread

This isn't a nuthugging thread, but now that Lesnar is gone and probably never to return I thought it would be good to have a thread dedicated to the best pictures, videos, gifs etc of the man who has big enough balls to have a cock tattooed on his chest.

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Getting married. 


And letting her “pay the bills”. Never again. 

Hell yeah I appreciate what Brock Lesnar did in MMA. I don't think that he ever reached his full potential in the sport and I'm sad to see that he left.

Let him go man. It's time to move on........find yourself a new sweetheart now!

Beat Couture after Couture beat Tim for the title? Hell yeah i respect what he has done in the UFC. Biggest thing that made the UFC what is is today is because of him. Brought a lot of WWE fans over including me, now i love this sport. His promo's were amazing and he was a massive sell for PPV buys. In my opinion he should be in the HOF. Appreciated.

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Was a beast. I wish he would've started MMA a little sooner, though. Phone Post

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At the end of the day you can LOL all you want. Are you telling me you never got excited to see him fight?

Yes he could take a punch, much like Chael can't defend a triangle or GSP can't finish a fight (no hate I love both those guys.)

My point is he was good for the sport, he brought a lot of fans on board and was fun to watch win or lose. If you deny that then your mind is obviously warped. Phone Post

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I appreciate that he left the sport.

Brock was great fun. If any other fighter had a post-UFC 100 rant or gifs of him shooting gigantic fucking guns he would be King of the UG. I'm sad to see him go but I didn't start watching because of him, and I won't stop with him gone! 

 He'll be back after this year in the WWE and the fans and haterz will eat it up.

I enjoyed Brocks stint in The UFC. He certainly livened up a stagnant HW division.

Good luck to him. Phone Post

Lesnar definitely brought excitement. The proof is in the pudding, one only has to look at his PPV sales record to show he excited the fans, and brought in numerous fringe fans.

I hated him as a fighter though. He had no idea what to do, all he was was a big guy. Bigger and stronger. No striking, no submissions, nothing. He dropped them to the mat with the pscht pscht pow. Kinda made a mockery of MMA. Personally I think the reason for that is the HW div is too large. Guys like Fedor and Ed Herman etc have no business fighting Brock Lesnar type guys. 230 lbs div plz!