Brock on Jime Rome

Did anyone hear the Brock interview on Jim Rome yesterday??

He talks Frank Mir, Dana White, his personal life, Josh Barnett, and  Fedor. Good interview


LOL I'm listening to it now Rome also asks him about the tattoo

yeah, pretty good interview

I cant belive when he asked Brock 'So, is that a penis on your chest?' and Brock went after him like Jim Everett, it was crazy

It was a good interview, I don't know if it will change any minds but if you want to hear it here is the link

He does ask about the "tatoo" Lesnar explains it although neither make any comment on the fact it looks like a penis

don't ask..don't tell.......



 good interview by Lesnar. Classy as usual and right on with his statements about Barnett

I enjoyed his comments about his "escape goat"