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is biting an scratching allowed?

What are the rules?

 Nice uppercut at .32

Watch out for that metal thing!

The Vanilla Gorilla vs the real thing. Interesting.

Edit for spelling.

they are real life monsters. amazing.

It strangely reminded me of Carwin v Lesnar. The uppercut and the ape just backing up the whole time.

 sure would be hard to choke a neck like that

well there is no round 2 footage. Maybe the big ape knows a thing or two.

I kept deducting points on each for deliberately "gaming" the system and going to 4 points on the ground constantly to avoid damage.

stevekt - Watch out for that metal thing!

I see what you did there


LOL @ you people not recognizing that as a worked fight.

looks they are going easy on each other. Maybe 50 percent. However, even at that level they would probably be ripping limbs off human bodies.

bismanfightclub - LOL @ you people not recognizing that as a worked fight.


I saw a lot of holes in their game, bro.

I watched a show called "I survived" (its still on) where not even gorillas, just a regular chimp, got angry and ripped off this guys face, arms, legs, and then reached into his belly and pulled out his intenstines. I cant imagine what a big gorilla could do.