Brock/Shane game plan

What strategy do you think each fighter will bring into the cage come Saturday?

I think Brock will shoot for takedown very early in the fight and try to avoid Shane's bowling balls for hands. Followed by GnP. As for Shane...Spinning back kick to Brock's face and later finishing the fight with a crane kick.


Shane gets Clinch and uses Viscous Dirty Boxing there.


i think shane will come in and try a flying knee, but brock will dodge it and go for an axe kick, that shane grabs and does a flying leglock.

brock pulls guard and wins via gogoplata

Lesnar will go for the double-leg within 30 seconds. If Carwin avoids ending up on his back I think the fight is his, and Lesnar knows it too.

Lesnar will try to 'Couture' Carwin against the fence, then go for the legs for G&P against the fence.

Carwin will try to sprawl and brawl, but might have trouble with his back against the fence. Greco against the fence can be the folkstyle wrestlers weakness