Brock sticks up for

Josh Gross just said on the Beatdown that backstage, K-1 officials were telling them they weren't allowed to film the post-fight presser interviews and that Brock basically told the officials that if they couldn't film it, he was leaving.

Pretty cool of him to do that.

good form brock

The K1 officials are pricks and pushy as hell. Seem very controlling.

Good for Brock.

K-1 and perhaps Dana White eventually are going to find that Brock isn't going to be pushed around or intimidated by them. The guy worked for Vince "The Devil" McMahon for years, he's no rookie when it comes to dealing with pushy, prick management.

Seems like one of the few guys who'll actually stand his ground against his superiors.

^ I was in there as well, made another thread about this. He made me a fan tonite with doing that. Only the Japanese press had live feads the American press did not.