Broke Bursa Sac in knee

Any tips to speed recovery time for wrestling?

owch! How did you do that?

Ice 20 mins on, 20 mins off as much as you can till the swelling goes down. Wrap the ice pack on kind of tight with an ACE bandage.

that sucks...

I have had cronic bursula problems with both my elbows... I have had each one drained about 10 times... it is now at the point that it doesen't even hurt to have them drained... They have never "burst" though... if I hit either one wrong them BOOM, I gotta see the doc... I have rolled with the all swelled out... I just wrap my arm with two ace bandages some sport tape and then a neoporene(sp) sleeve LOL...

In fact I have to see the doctor today...

I just experienced the same injury. It's been a pain. I had to get fluid drained once. It filled back up but they recommended I don't get into the habit of draining unless I have to.

So we tried 3 different inflammatory pills. VIOXX has worked the best so far. The fluid is almost gone, but the knee still has scar tissue.

Bottom line is to try not to irritate the knee to the point of fluid build up.

Lets keep in touch with this one. Maybe it will help.


Will a ruptured Bursula heal?

I had a similar problem, my knee swelled up massively and had to spend a week in hospital.

What did work for me:

- Glucosamine Sulfate (Joint powder from health food store) (p.s. thanks for the reccomendation Sam Pai Kenpo)

- Neurofen Gel (ibuprofen gel, from drug store)

- Draining the fluid with washing soda compress.

- No alcohol

What didn't work:


- Cortosone Injection


- Drain with syringe.

Hope this helps, feel free to email if you have any questions.

I just figured that I would post a pic of Brooke Burke, since I keep thinking that is what the thread title says everytime that I read it.:)

I had it very bad in one knee and then the other. I stayed off until the swelling went down. To get the swelling down I iced them alot and wrapped them to disperse the fluid down my leg. My ankles and feet did swell but dispersed the fluid fast. I then bought thick volleyball knee pads and used them till I didn't have to. That took 6 months, I use the thick knee pads for takedowns and any time I feel any soreness and so far so good. Good Luck

The best way to get rid of swelling I found was to put washing soda in a stocking and bandage it over the swelling just before going to bed.

The crystals draw the fluid through the skin while you're sleeping.

It fixed my knee in a couple of weeks after months of rest/ice/compression, NSAIDs, cortisone injections, and draining it with a syringe.

I passed on the tip to other training partners who have had similar success.

"The best way to get rid of swelling I found was to put washing soda in a stocking and bandage it over the swelling just before going to bed. " Sounds like Voodoo to me...

Anyway, I just got back fromn the doc... I turns out that I have an "infected bursula" I will be taking Cipro for the next 10 days...

Maid's knee is a pain in the butt. I also had tio use the volleyball knee pads for a while.

lol @ brooke burke = broken bursa sac

"...Sounds like Voodoo to me..."

Not voodoo at all.

Try it and you'll see it's so good you'll start claiming it was invented in Japan and that you didn't just learn it off the internet. A rugby player that posted on here first told me about it.

Do a search on for: lectric soda swelling OR washing soda swelling

Here are 2 quotes I found quickly:

"...if you get yourself some "Lectric Soda", and place a packet of that on a tea towel, fold it up, and then wrap it around your ankles, and sleep like that (its not easy), when you awake in the morning you will find that the crystals will be a hard rock lump, as for one reason or another the lectric soda absorbs the fluid..."

"...Washing ("Lectric") Soda is an amazing thing. Poured into a football sock, tied around the swollen area, bandaged on with "glad-wrap", & left on for at least 3-4 hours. It's is nothing short of amazing at times as to how much swelling it draws out!..."

"...What is washing soda used for in Bowen Therapy?
Washing soda packs are used on areas that have fluid retention e.g. knees, elbows, ankles. Washing soda packs draw fluid from the skin and aleviate swelling. Can only be used 3 times per week and not on conseqetive nights..."

I've had training partners use it on ankles, knees, and even fingers to treat swelling.

I did that once. It is important to let it heal completely or it can become a chronic problem.

I must agree with Luca Beston-Gracie (did I just type that?) on his suggestion, it's also not too bad for helping reduce the swelling on a cauliflour ear as well.

Beston is right, it works like a charm. No joke.


I think we will give it at try, Thanks!

What is washing soda? Is there another common name for it?