Bruce Lee Guillotines Chuck Norris WTF?

Just got home and caught the climactic fight scene in Return of the Dragon a.k.a. Way of the Dragon that takes place in the Roman Colloseum

Holy sheeit! I completely forgot that Bruce Lee uses a standing one arm in guillotine to finish off Chuck Norris

Must be Bruce Lee week on G4 cause I saw Fists of Fury last night

I wonder if they're showing Game of Death with the pseudo triangle choke Bruce Lee uses to finish off Kareem (even if it wasn't as cool as Mel Gibson's triangle in Lethal Weapon courtesy of Rorion)

ah fuggit...bring on Olivia Munn instead : )

Damn she's looking hawt lately

having a conversation with yourself are we

LOL! Had a couple beers with PJ after Ears' daughters baby luau so I guess this is my equivalent of JNaks Rum & Coke or DC's Heineken drunken posting

First it was Alamo Scout Sam Mahi and then the History Channel just showed "How Bruce Lee Changed the World"

No love on the HG for the little Dragon?

I love how everyone that trains Jiujitsu went back and watched Lethal Weapon after they remembered Mel slapped a Triangle on Busey.


 That's what I'm sayin!

Lethal Weapon in the late 80's and the two aforementioned Bruce Lee flicks from the 70's were pre-UFC so no one really recognized the moves.   Nor appreciated them