'Bruce Leroy' vs. Mackens Semerzier at UFN 24

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                                'Bruce Leroy' vs. Mackens Semerzier at UFN 24

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Bruce Leroy is coming to the UFC after all.

Alex Carceres, better known to “Ultimate Fighter” fans as Bruce Leroy, will be making his official Octagon debut at UFC Fight Night 24 in Seattle against Mackens Semerzier in a featherweight bout on the card.

Semerzier burst onto the WEC scene with a stunning first round submission of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whiz Wagnney Fabiano in his debut with the promotion, but didn’t fair as well in his next few fights, losing all three.

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Glad to see Mackens getting another chance under the Zuffa banner!

A very talented dude, he's just had some difficult fights.

Loser will likely be cut so big fight for both guys. I think Mackens takes this though. His ground game is much better than Caceres' and he showed against Cub that he can stand and trade as well.

What a joke that Varner and Escudero are gone, yet guys like Bruce Leroy are getting fights.

Bruce Leroy at 145 might actually be a great move.

"What a joke that Varner and Escudero are gone, yet guys like Bruce Leroy are getting fights."

Lets give the guy a chance, TUF is not a great indicator of fighting ability. The guys have no training camps and fight opponents on a moments notice with no scouting. There is a reason why most guys come out of TUF as much better fighters then they appear on the show.