brute kneepads?

anybody know where i can get these in canada? they are in Flamborough and are pretty good and they have this crazy warehouse you can go into with tons of Mats, Knee Pads, Ear Protection and wrestling shoes. (40min from Toronto) I bought Brute knee pads from them. I haven't purchased from these folks but I know plenty who have and reviews have been good.


I got a pair of matman knee pads from Sled Dog in Montreal. Good deal and work well.

thanks guys



oh boy

hey, i'm looking for Brute earguards and was wondering if you guys know if any stores sell them around toronto?

Wiley i know you mentioned that warehouse but maybe something closer?


Yael, I dont know of anything in the Toronto area. Perhaps check out that Aktion website and hopefully they can ship it to you. Just make sure you know of the size you need. Actually I am driving out to Aktion Sports/T-Litzens soon to get some new ear protection. Let me know the size etc.... and I can get them for you if you like. Though getting them to you will be the problem, shipping, or get them at the next Invitiational. Though I would send them at the lowest cost available(courier).

Yael at the last Invitational which female competitor was you. (Blue or White GI). I was the guy who had the opportunity to grapple Elliot at OSWI2. Damn Dela Rive sweep he did on me, thats one of my favorite techniques myself.

( Yael if yah wanna set up earguards)

wow i've never seen my name so many times in one post:P

i was white gi....i'll email you shortly, thanks man!