Brute Soft Earguard

I've been having a horrible time using an Asics earguard I bought that allows you to adjust the velcro straps in 4 or 5 different places. Every time I roll, the thing keeps moving around my head and actually aided one of my partners in choking me out because of the chin strap.

I'm looking into getting one of the Brute soft earguards (2 piece strap) It's the kind Renzo Gracie was wearing while rolling with Ryan on the "Fight Day" bonus documentary on the Smashing Machine DVD (Amazing footage, by the way).

Anyone use this particular Ear Guard? My Asics Gel has a hard plastic inner liner and was wondering if the Brute ones have the same kind of durability.

i think the brute model is not as solid in the ear protection, meaning the pad around your ear has a bit of give. but otherwise it feels great on your head alomst like you are not wearing anything.