Hey, I've been out of town for quite a while on my job. So whats the
latest? Anyone having a match at the upcoming AEC? Fred in town

Do u think u guys will have classes tomorow night? I'm sure the streets
will be fine by then, just cold. I'd like to stop by then.

Fred's in town, but going again to be gone from Thursday -
Monday. Once I get a job and a schedule that I can rely on
(and an income), I will be getting in touch with Bruno/Suyan
about training there.



Just thought you guys should know that Ethan (flowslo) is down here in Miami getting fat and tan...What's the weather like in KC? ;)

It may suck to the locals who have lived here for a while, but
for a recent transplant from Northern Minnesota, this is like
spring. I would rather be in the Keys, though.



Hey Fred! Nice to see ya again! I
think Ice on the roads sucks no matter where u are from ,hehe

Yeah, icey roads suck bigtime, I agree, but it is nice to not
have it 35 below 0 like it was last night where I just moved
from, and that after rain, then snow just a day or two earlier.

I do plan on training with Suyan and hope that in that small
way I can help make it possible for him to stay here
permanently. I agree that it is a rare opportunity. I only have
seen him once, at the seminar with Murilo Bustamante, but
even just with that brief contact, I was impressed. He
obviously is remarkably skilled and has so much to offer.

I will likely make contact next week and, as I said, when I get
a source of income and a schedule, I will be a regular.




This week classes are only thursday and saturday....Due to the weather and other scheduled events.


Can't wait for class on thursday at the academy!!! This weather is good except when it screws up my training. There may be BTT guys on the card..just have to wait and see.