Bubba vs King

So just watched ultimate fighter, can't seem to see any threads (android app) on the bubba king fight. Doesn't Bubba have some beef with King? And doesn't King end up in the ambulance at some point this season? And didn't they say to "get ready for one of the most shocking finishes of the season" after the next week preview? Sounds to me like Bubba gonna put on an ass whoopin next Tuesday!

Thoughts? Phone Post

So many questions... So little time.. Phone Post

U got the yappy redneck named Bubba, who tells everyone he's sacrificed SO much, getting his one shot at redemption, taking on the gracie trained, hollywood living black guy (who's best buddy is the douche from the Hills) in a match that was supposed to happen in the beginning, ending with someone going to the hospital.. AND NOBODY GIVES A SHIT??

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Maybe they'll go to a third round. A double knockout would be crazy so that won't happen. I think Bubba could end up winning it, assuming King doesn't make him tap, like I said we might see a 3 round fight. Phone Post

I'm hoping Casey gets a nasty sub.

What's with the ambulance though? King wins then Uriah khtfo? Phone Post

I really hope Bubba puts it on him.

Kevin has an entitled arrogance to him that isn't a fighter's confidence at all.

Bubba has the aggressive fighter confidence.

Both can be polarizing for sure but I think Bubba deserves a shot and hope he won. Phone Post