Bud BJJ Tourney Results

I competed in such and such event and my points are not there. whats going on?

Please allow up to 21 days after a tournament for the data to be entered, running an event is a lot of work, the data entry takes sometime to complete. If you look in the delinquent section and the event you competed is in there, please feel free to email the promoter and request your accomplishments published.

Every event agrees to a contract which states they MUST enter their results or send them to RANKED to be entered. We actively pursue all delinquent events, but you can help by contact the promoter and telling them you want the credit you deserve

TTT, or posting on the RANKED section of this website!!

ttt the man wants his points

I need the results as well, maybe a screw up in the e-mails? When
I get the reuslts I'll have them, along awith a full report, photos
and videos up on OntheMat!

It was sent to MMA Tv It will take him a little while but all is already sent in. Contact the people at MMA.Tv

I will try to post them for you tomorrow it will take awhile but I will, anyway.

Joe Hurst

You want your points to, Brandon. I am not the only one.

They are up on the BJJ Forum

i dont even know what the points are for

Gumby has a full report ONTHEMAT!!