BUD CUP results?

Which ones do you want to know? I can remember a few but not all. There were some awesome fights.

do you know how Dan Simmler did, from Serra's?


Dan placed in the Pro Divison that guy is incredible!

Country "Roy" under Marc Laimon won 1st

Rafael Lavato Jr Won Middle Pro

alot more purple belt matches and brown belt matches than last year I hope this continues.

It was a great event.

Thanks to all that showed and even a few that didn't follow some boycots and came any way!

Around 60 different teams came out!!

Budweiser is on for another one!!!!

Joe Hurst

Dan is Bad!!! Great game

Pro Light weight

Daniel Valverde 1st

Noah Booth 2nd

Justin Farmer 3rd

Pro Middle weight

Rafael Lovato Jr 1st

Dan Simmler 2nd

Chris Moriaty 3rd

Pro Heavy weight

Roy Nelson 1st

Jeff Monson 2nd

Richard Macauley 3rd

All results have been mailed in and will be posted.