Budo on the Bluff???

Any AL UG'ers know anything about this?

"Budo on the Bluff
Birmingham AL, August 19, 20, & 21, 2011
Instructor: Shihan Roger Jarrett

Martial Arts seminar instructed by Shihan Roger Jarrett. Hosted by Shihan Van Bushnell, vice president of the USAMAF. For more info go to www.usamartialarts.com."

That website doesn't inspire me with confidence about this event...

I rarely meet a Jarrett I'm not related to, but I'm not related to this guy.

I know Jarrett personally.

In regards to sport Karate he is legit. Former coach to the US Karate team. He was one of the main players behind getting Karate into the Pan-American games. Former president of governing body for Olympic Karate in the States. If you'e interested in sport-style Karate, he's probably about the best that ever comes through Alabama. But as this is a MMA board, probably not that relevant to most people.

JJ, JE double F JA double R E double T is more relevant to mma Phone Post

Thanks, Keith. There are "legit" karate people, and there are SCAM people. I'm glad to know he's one of the good guys. I have met literally dozens of karate masters that look like out-of-work truck drivers. Especially in Alabama!

Decades ago, all we had was karate. I spent years in Kyokushinkai while overseas...

We did the whole standing-in-the-surf thing with waves crashing over us, while punching and screaming ki-yaaaa!!! Soaking wet runs in the sand, followed by full-contact fights on the beach. I fondly recall punching the sand to "toughen up my knuckles"... Ok, that sucked, but still. At 18, it was pretty freakin' cool!

Good times! Until I discovered akido and jiu jitsu, damn it.

I really, really miss the Phillipines. I should go back in the Navy!! lol...

But, seriously. Thanks, Keith. It gets harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad. If you vouch for him, I know he's legit. Period.

No worries. Glad I could help. I agree it can be tough to tell scam / legit people apart at times. But like I said, what he teaches (very well, mind you) is probably not of much interest to the MMA crowd.