This weekend was a huge success for the first Budo Reality Fight Series in Calgary. No fights went to a decision. There were 2 KO's and 3 submissions out of the 8 fights. All of the fighters showed no fear to engage and none of them stalled for time. Every fight was explosive and great to watch. Budo will be back for series 2.

  1. Jason Demoskoff (Space gym) defeated Rob Roy (Hell House wrestling)- Arm bar 2:11 1st round

  2. Kevin Olson (CMC) defeated Tim Smith (A-Team) - TKO 0:59 2nd round (FIGHT OF THE NIGHT)

  3. Mike Richardson (A-Team) defeated Rob Trotter (Dragon MMA) - Triangle Choke 0:53 1st Round (Winner of 'Submission of the night' BONUS)

  4. Kyle Ayaotte (Alliance) defeated Tyson Larone (Dragon MMa) - TKO 1:04 1st round

5.Brent Smith (CMC) defeated Trevor Schmidt (Team Caution) - KO 0:38 1st round

  1. Travis Briere (CMC) defeated Szymon Rusnak (A-Team) - KO 0:18 (Winner of 'KO of the night' BONUS)

  2. Matt Zorzetti (CMC) defeated Joshua Walker (Dragon MMA) - TKO 1:29 1st round

  3. Jesse Bongfeldt (CMC) defeated Jason St.Louis (Alliance) - Rear Naked Choke 0:41 1st round.

Congrates to all the competitors for their courage and I hope our next show is as succesful as this one was.


Grant Guenther



congrats, sounds like a good card

It was a great show, Grant. Im looking forward to the next one.


Thanks Curtis

Just want to say what a great event this was, backstage was smooth and so were all of the people involved.

I'm very proud of Spider (Kyle Ayotte) he trained very hard for this fight and had two of the best cornermen ever at his back...Shah Franco and Francois Duval. He was as composed as could be for his first time in the cage and he listened to what he was told, executed and finished his opponent, who was also a gamer. Congradulations Spider, you deserve it!

I want to thank Francois and Sylvie for getting us ready for this fight, without you both we would not have been 100%.

The other 100% was Rennie, Marty, Brian, Trevor, Jamie and his bro, Geoff, Marcela, Tony, Jono and his bro, Gary Vig, Snafu, D-man (you look great!), Wink and the AMS/Bushido crew, Mr.Duval and company and if I missed anyone I appoligize..:)

My better half Jan, I love you, and one of our girls Kelso for being there with me, our middle girl Kay and of course my son Maddix..a future champion.

Congradulations to Jesse, it was gonna be over quick or it was gonna be a long night, one opportunity was gonna make the fight and it did..lol. my little girl prayed to keep us both safe and we wish you luck with your next match back in the Bridge.

Jason St-Louis

Fight Hard, Train Harder.

great night for the CMAC guys. 5-0.

no kidding i just seen that.

congrats to Kyle (spider) u crazy mofo haha right on though.

im sure Jason is going to get back on feet asap and keep on going.

congrats Basso, good to get the first one outta the way eh!

Grant put on a great action packed show. I can't wait for the next one. BUDO!!!