budo taijutsu

Anyone have any experience with it?

I have to say I disagree with infO's analysis. In my experience these guys are crazy good. I once trained with a guy that was so deadly he could not show me some of the moves. He almost made me pass out with his aura energy blast but luckily he stopped before I faded out. Please be very careful when training with these guys they can be deadly like a cobra bite!!!!!!

Budo Taijutsu is just another way of saying Ninja so that even the ninjas don't laugh.

I recently stopped by for a few classes. They practiced
against slow attacks. I asked one of the advanced
students if he could do this same technique he just
showed me against a fast jab and he said that he only
practices against committed punches.

99.9% of these schools are a waste of your time and money. At least you can learn a spinning back kick from Rho at the TKD school, lol...