Build your own ring?

We are looking to build a ring at our school. We have the option to rent out an area next to our place that has more room, and would hold a ring. The ceiling is normal height though.

What we would need is basically 4 posts, ropes and corner pads... all at floor level. Looking for the best way to do it. I checked on Ringside, and its like 3 grand... it cant cost that much for eye hooks and ropes.

Any suggestions?

I use to goto a boxing club in albany St joes , they had set up where they had like a matt down, Then they kind of had the ring with padds in corner not posts and it was held up by having connections to the walls,u know like pulling the ring tight to stand . forget if it was bungees or ropes or chains. No idea of cost for doing it this way , but i know that club had like no funding. Dont know if this help give ya another idea .

Thats kinda what I am thinking. All we really need is the hardware for attacking the ropes and the ropes themselves.

I will try and get ahold of someone that use to work out there. if I can find something for ya , I'll post it . I mean it works, marshall and phillips fought out of there and had decent pro careers. espn fights nights&stuff, so the ring must hold up ok .

You can get the ropes at most hardware stores. If not you can try a sailing store. You can also get them covered very cheaply by going to a material store and having them sew on velvet or something of the same type as covers. Ive also thought about feeding the rope through plastic tubing. It might look nice and would probably hold up really well. As for posts any welding shop can hook it up pretty easily. Just show them pics from the ringside catalouge. Good luck. Hope this helps some.

Goto a muffler shop and get "posts" for wholesale price. It'll be like $3 per yard of posting. Depending on how you want to secure it to the ground you might need some type of welder. The ropes and eye-hooks can be found at HomeDepot and the ringpads aren't too much. (I don't think) I'm sure they have dimensions of it on the net.

SOunds like a great idea bro! I say go for it!

One word of advice though, sometimes diving into a project like this will leave you having spent more money than you wanted too and still needing more to complete! I know, I have a $30g civic that started with a $20 sticker on the back window! Fucking car.

Anywhere you can buy ring posts etc?

I know has rings but not sure if they come in pieces or whole sets.

try ebay-they have everything


Vengence is correct.

The entire: "Pull-up Ring" sounds like a good idea. You'd need anchors on the walls though, and that alone would need an impact drill and anchors themselves with the compacity to hold at least 500lbs. You'd also need a pully-system. Those are found at Home Depot too and aren't too much.

Eye-hooks, post's, rope, anchors, 4-way pully system, hindge's for the post to be raised and lowered, anchoring system on the wall, and bolts/nuts. Puzzle mats for the bottom and a ring-tarp to go over the mats.

I say you could get away with this entire set-up for in between $150 and $400 depending on the meterials you used. (And depending on if you have the actual tools to put it together, which I'm sure you do.)

ttt for an inovative idea!


Your crazy. Buy the ring. We thought about trying to build one and by the time you account for materials, labor and the fact that it won't be right the first time you'll wish you'd bought one. We bought one from Ringside and its nice but it was still a pain to assemble. Do yourself a favor, hold a fundraiser and buy one.

BTW, we can't make it to the takedown tournament this weekend so you and th Honeybee lucked out !!


I have 4 ring posts custom built but never got around to using them.

Can you email me please?

I have pics I can send you.

honeybear. get it straight.

and I think dom lost 10 bux b/c the honeybear took him down so hard he didn't know which direction was up.

"BTW, we can't make it to the takedown tournament this weekend so you and th Honeybee lucked out !!"

Honeybear. How can you look at Palmquist and not think of Winnie the Pooh?

Spend the money on a real ring.

We were talking about it last night and one of our guys just says casually, "I have a ring you can have". We are all set.

Goddamn backyard wrestlers

Who's donating the ring?

i have often thought about building a ring in my backyard. the more i think about it, the more i just want to buy one.

Hey Joe, talk to Randy Rowe. I think that he used a "homemade" ring at his school in Conn like 5 years ago. It wasn't that pretty, but it held Tim Sylvia's weight!!